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The Access Ambulance Service Fleet

Gary Reis has led operations at Access Ambulance Service as president since establishing the emergency response and transport operation in 2007. Over the course of more than a decade, Gary Reis has successfully managed the company through periods of considerable growth.

During its early days, Access Ambulance Service fielded just two ambulances. Despite the small response force, these vehicles provided more than 3,000 transports during the organization’s first year of service. Today, the company’s fleet of vehicles has expanded to include nearly 50 vehicles responsible for over 49,000 transports every year. Access Ambulance Service vehicles are placed strategically throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts near company locations, including a dispatch center at 290 Armistice Boulevard in Pawtucket and a location at 231 Weaver Street in Fall River.
The Access Ambulance Service fleet is supported by the same experienced management team that leads Med Tech Ambulance Service. Stat South Coast provides further support through a backup agreement.

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