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How AEDs Save Lives

Gary Reis, head of MedTech ambulance service, recently created a new branch of his enterprises called Access Ambulance Service, which provides emergency transportation across Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts. In addition to his work, Gary Reis contributes charitably, including a donation of 10 AEDs to the Pawtucket Parks Association for use at playing fields and athletic complexes.

AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are life-saving devices that should be on hand in case of a cardiac arrest. Unlike a heart attack, a sudden cardiac arrest is an electrical issue that interferes with the regular rhythm of a heartbeat and can stop the flow of blood to the organs. AEDs can reset the normal electrical rhythm of a heart with an electric shock delivered through the chest wall. The devices can employ voice prompts to allow anyone to use the equipment. No shock will be delivered to a patient who does not have the appropriate symptoms.

For every minute that passes after a sudden cardiac arrest, an untreated person’s survival rate goes down by up to 10 percent. Having immediate access to AEDs in public spaces can make a huge difference in saving lives.

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