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Access Ambulance - Serving Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Gary Reis

Gary Reis is the founder of a number of successful companies, including Access Ambulance Service. Founded in 2007, Access Ambulance Service is run by the same management team as Med Tech Ambulance Service, the largest ambulance service in Rhode Island, also founded by president Gary Reis.

While a separate company from Med Tech, Access profits from Med Tech’s resources and experience. Access is licensed to operate in the states of Rhode Island and Massachusetts and strategically deploys its fleet of 49 vehicles from its offices spanning the two states. The company’s central dispatch center is located at its headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
The leading-edge dispatch center operates 24 hours a day and has technological redundancy features ensuring continuous phone service and prompt response to calls that include an uninterrupted power supply, mirrored computer servers, and a natural gas generator. Utilizing the latest software and hardware, the company provides a timely response and safe transport for vulnerable clients. The management structure allows for close supervision of employees, and all workers are trained in telecommunication technology, CPR, and emergency medical dispatching.

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