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Access Ambulance Service's Communications Systems

Gary Reis

Since 2007, Gary Reis has overseen Access Ambulance Service. Under the leadership of Gary Reis, Access Ambulance has grown from a small Pawtucket, Rhode Island, operation with two ambulances to a multi-state ambulance service with nearly 50 vehicles, providing nearly 50,000 rides per year.

The backbone of any ambulance fleet is its communications network, and Access Ambulance Service has a quality dispatch and communications hub. This 24-hour dispatch center includes a block of 100 linked phone lines in a PBX phone system, using multiple carriers and the phone service of two different streets. By including these redundancies, Access ensures that clients will never encounter a busy signal and phone service will never be out.
Software also plays a key role in communications center operations, with a computer-aided dispatch system helping to handle the volume of calls. In this system, all assistance requests are assigned unique identifiers, monitored, and recorded. Dispatch personnel can have their performance monitored, and more importantly, efficient plans for ambulance deployment can be created and iterated upon as situations arise.

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