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Access Ambulance Center Utilizes a Cutting-Edge Communications Center

Gary Reis

A diversely experienced businessman, Gary Reis maintains concurrent responsibilities as president of Med Tech Ambulance Service and managing partner of the Pawtucket Country Club. Most recently, Gary Reis embarked on a new business venture with the founding of Access Ambulance Service.

For more than a decade, Access Ambulance has provided medical transportation to individuals in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In its communications center, the company employs advanced technology to ensure that workers can answer incoming calls at any hour and on any day of the week.
In its dispatch center, Access Ambulance has implemented a PBX phone system that connects to 100 interlinked phone lines. Using a multi-carrier system, this communications center receives its phone services from two different points. Access Ambulance has also installed a natural gas generator and duplicate servers to create additional systems of redundancy. This entire setup mitigates the risk of service interruptions for dispatchers and eliminates busy signals for callers.
The communications center conducts its fleet management operations through a state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. By recording dispatch activities and monitoring transport vehicles, this system enables Access Ambulance to better gauge its response capabilities, allowing the company to enhance both the availability and efficiency of its fleet.

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