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Access Ambulance Basic and Advanced Life Support Transportation

Gary Reis

An accomplished medical services executive, Gary Reis brings more than two decades of experience to his position as the founder and president of multiple transportation and ambulance services companies in Rhode Island. In addition to leading Triton Fleet Services and Med Tech Ambulance Service, Gary Reis directs Access Ambulance Services.

Headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Access Ambulance Services has been providing emergency medical transportation to Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents since 2007. Focused on providing safe and friendly emergency transport, the company maintains a staff of highly trained professionals who dispatch and operate well-equipped ambulances that offer basic life support and advanced life support services.

Access Ambulance’s basic life support ambulances are sent for patients who are in generally stable condition but still require emergency services. These patients may have broken bones or other injuries that require immediate stabilizing, or they may be reliant on oxygen. Additionally, basic life support services are typically appropriate for individuals being transported after surgery.
Ambulances with advanced life support services, on the other hand, are reserved for patients with critical issues that require ventilator support, IV therapy, intubations, or emergency medication. All Access ambulances with advanced life support are staffed by certified EMT personnel and are equipped with ECG monitors.

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