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3 Services Offered at Access Ambulance

Gary Reis

As president of Med Tech Ambulance Service in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Gary Reis has garnered more than two decades of experience in the ambulance transportation industry. In 2007, Gary Reis leveraged this knowledge to establish a sister company, Access Ambulance Service, which serves communities in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

With a fleet comprised of nearly 50 ambulances, Access Ambulance Service is a trusted transportation provider at both the hospital and individual level. The company focuses on several key ambulance services, including the following:
1. Basic Life Support - Access Ambulance offers this level of service to those who require medical transportation but are otherwise in stable condition. For example, this service benefits those that who need help walking or are recovering from surgery. To best serve these patients, Access Ambulance staff members transport them via stretcher and deliver any care they need en route to their destination.
2. Advanced Life Support - These services enable Access Ambulance to neet the needs of those who require more urgent medical assistance. Under the careful watch of Advanced Life Support workers, patients who need intubation, electrocardiography (ECG), or medication receive transport to a local medical facility.
3. Wheelchair Transport - Access Ambulance also works with individuals who need wheelchairs when they move from one destination to another. Those who book Wheelchair Transport receive access to a van that comes equipped with a wheelchair lift, eliminating the need for them to leave their wheelchairs, while staff guarantees their safety throughout each trip.

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